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Gardening: leaf mulchers make brilliant compost

If you got a gardener’s got an awful lot of trees and there’s an awful Olaves you’re going to be able to compost then I would highly recommend duties of a leaf mulcher. Leaf mulchers serve a million different useful purposes and each one of them result in you having a far more comfortable and better ambiance in your garden. So in this article we are going to go through some of the best Leaf mulchers on the market available today and how much they cost and why I would select them as one of the tools to have in my garden shed.

One of these benefits of having a leaf mulcher is a fact that you don’t have to pay for compost. It’s really expensive to buy potting mixture or anything similar to this these days and so when the opportunity that you have from getting this for the garden arises for free, I would totally take advantage of this . We will look at the leaf mulchers that help you to do that. Leaf mulch can be broken into potting mix in less than 12 months and as a result that all mainly due to the machinery that used which we’re going to discuss further in the article.

What is a leaf mulcher?

What is a leaf mulcher? Quite simply I would actually say to you it actually a leaf blower vacuum that has the function to mulch leaves as well. There are some of the most amazing items on the market at the moment and one of them that’s extremely well priced if you’re on a bargain hunt is something called the VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower Which has built-in automatic leaf mulcher system when it vacuums and sucks up all of the leaves from your garden.

You’d be absolutely shocked to know that you can buy this little piece of kit for £35 and it actually blows, sucks, and collects all the leaves around the garden and turns them into amazingly valuable compost. Can you actually believe you can buy such an amazing piece of equipment for this price? I certainly couldn’t believe it and actually when I tested the item I was shocked to see if it was extremely powerful. The only drawback I could possibly find with this machine was the fact that it was a corded electric version which means I needed to get a power extension out but on top of that the only other thing that I can actually find was the fact that it had such a huge container that I found it really heavy towards the end when the bag filled up with leaves.

I can hardly fault them for the fact that they’ve given you such a high capacity I would certainly suggest that you consider emptying the bag out way before it begins to feel because it really was quite heavy and I’m quite a big strong person and I’m sure that if someone was a little bit weaker they would really struggle with this. Overall that you can hardly say that this is a negative, they’ve just give me the option to keep on going with your work if you want it. Personally I just found that it was just a little bit too heavy and if I wasn’t in a rush there was absolutely no need to allow the bag to be totally overfill. But the way news is that the way that this thing sucks up so many leaves you going to get her huge amount of compost from this leaf mulcher very quickly

Best leaf mulcher on the market: Mcculloch GB355BP Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower, 46 cc

It’s only my personal opinion but honestly I believe tha the best leaf mulcher on the market is the McCulloch because it’s incredibly power to and it’s a phenomenal weight to power ratio that I have not experienced from any other piece of leaf mulching equipment in the industry today. It was so heavily powered. I just couldn’t actually believe what I was using. The only issue with the McCullough leaf mulcher is that I found is actually quite hungry on the fuel why don’t know if that’s because I was using it far too extensively or I was a bit too aggressive with it but either way I did think that it was going through quite a bit of petrol and obviously we have to consider the cost in this day and age, we really are tight budget all the time.

Mcculloch GB355BP Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower
Mcculloch GB355BP Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

I’m not entirely sure though, if you bought this petrol leaf mulcher that you’d be all that excited by the fact that it’s if economy isn’t all that great, don’t get me wrong, but it is an incredible piece of kit, I absolutely loved it. I’m not on a budget and therefore I’d be more than happy to fill this thing up with fuel and use it all day long. That’s all down to personal preference. And as I mentioned earlier on this much cheaper versions that only cost £35; an electric corded which are extremely economical but at the same time they don’t provide you with the same level of comfort that this thing did. I didn’t have to worry about any power extension reels or anything like that I just picked it out the shed and away I went. You could argue that I need to store fuel but anyway what’s that in comparison to having her leaf mulcher on hands that can help you make high quality compost.

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Basics Of Composting

By practicing basic composting, you can save a lot of money, make good use of kitchen waste material, make your soil healthier and benefit the environment …

Basic Composting 101

Learning basic composting will save you dollars off your fertilising budget. In fact, you can spend ZERO DOLLARS to make your kitchen garden produce healthier and more plentiful! You will even make good use of kitchen waste material, make your soil healthier than ever before, and do a great service to the environment by practicing basic composting.

Composting – Environmental Impact

Our environment choices have grown so limited that more and more states have been legislating measures to reduce waste that ends up in public landfills. Did you know that the kitchen and yard waste of American households makes up 30% of the nation’s total waste? If we practice basic composting we could cut close to a third of the volume that ends up in our shrinking landfills.

In short, we should compost because pretty soon, we will have no choice.

Composting – Practicality

It just doesn’t make sense to spend on fertiliser when you regularly throw away material that you can use as a better substitute! Using compost is one of the best things you can do for your soil to improve its texture, composition, aeration (especially for clayey soil), and water-bearing qualities (particularly for sandy soil).

Even basic composting can improve fertility and plant health many times over. Your garden’s health depends on its soil’s microorganisms, which composting feeds in a natural way. Composting can help you completely do away with commercial plant fertilisers.

Composting – How To Start

You can dig a hole in the ground, build a square mesh-enclosure with stakes, or use a barrel or garbage can pile up compost.

Start with plant waste, twigs, and dried, dead weeds. You can use vegetable and fruit scraps from your kitchen, but alternate dry and wet material and soil, lightly tamping down three-inch layers each time. Speed up decomposition by using farm manure; but never use cat or dog manure.

A good rule of thumb would be:

3 parts brown to 1 part green ingredients. Then, you need to water each layer – lightly if in wet weather, thoroughly if in dry. Turn the pile every couple of weeks.

Do not put processed food scraps in your compost pile; neither should you use any meat, fat, or dairy products (apart from crushed eggshells). Bread is fine, unless it has peanut butter or mayonnaise.

After a couple of months, you can start using your compost – sooner if you can no longer distinguish the ingredients in the dark substance.

Basic composting will reap you such immediate, cost-efficient benefits that you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before!

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